Who We Are: Manhattan Medical TMS

Manhattan Medical TMS is the premier Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatment facility in NYC.

Our staff is committed to making sure each patient receives treatment based on cutting edge research with absolute privacy and confidentiality. We are located at Manhattan’s leading medical building, the New York Medical Building. TMS is the latest unique treatment intervention for Depression. TMS Therapy uses precisely targeted magnetic pulses that stimulate key areas of the brain, which are underactive in patients with Depression. Treatment is delivered right in the doctor’s office. Patients are awake during treatment, and can go about their normal activities immediately after treatment is completed.

Manhattan Medical TMS works with ALL major insurance providers. Please contact us so we can help you get pre-authorization!

PET Scan of Depression

A PET scan measures vital functions such as blood flow, oxygen use and blood sugar (glucose) metabolism.






Source: Mark George, M. D. Biological Psychiatry Branch Division of Intramural Research Programs, NIMH 1993

Real Patient Stories

We sat down with four patients as they shared their history with depression and how NeuroStar TMS Therapy affected their lives. Each person’s story is unique but they all have one thing in common—the desire to live a life of happiness they thought depression had taken away.


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